Wine Vault

The Wine Vault is a series of five luxury boutique hotels in and around the vineyards of California's Napa Valley. Each of these buildings is designed by world renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who was very influenced by traditional Italian building methods. Most of the villas have beautiful landscaped gardens and are surrounded by lush, manicured lawns. The architecture is highly ornate, with most of the villas using vaulted ceilings and sliding-glass doors. All of the villas feature private pools, saunas, and sun decks. All of the villas offer spectacular views of the vineyards and the sparkling waters of the famous Napa River. Frank Lloyd Wright's unique style was carried through to all of the wine storage buildings and accommodations. The first set of tours in this series will be on the western Mediterranean, including a concert of ancient classical music in an ornate basilica in Barcelona, a stroll along the coastline to the city of Nice, and finally to the historic city of St. James. All of the bottles used in this wine tasting will be from the same vineyard as the wineries in this area. Each of the five rooms in each of the Wine Vault villas is styled in accordance with the surrounding landscape. Each villa has an individual view of the countryside, with many of the villas located right by the ocean. This will give you an incredible amount of local flavor throughout your tasting tour. You will be taken on a tour of the wineries and can take your wine storage with you on boats that stop at various points along the coast. Each of the five rooms at the Wine Vault villas is featured with a custom sink designed by Christopher Delalonde. Each is equipped with two sinks with private hot and cold running water. The sinks are heated on demand using electricity, giving each of the villas sinks a true sense of luxury. The centerpiece of the wine vault is a six-foot bronze statue of Jesus with a cross over his shoulder. His arms are crossed above his heart, representing the hope that he may one day return to earth and enjoy another round of holy celebrations. Each room at the Wine Vault is equipped with high end china that is kept in museum-like storage cabinets. Each cabinet is labeled according to the specific wine that is being stored within it. This unique collection is made possible by the skillful hands of the master china maker. Every bottle of wine that is selected for a tour of the wine vault is selected based upon the color, type, smell, and clarity of the bottle. Only the choicest wines are chosen to be served during this exciting tasting experience. The main attraction of the Wine Vault is the Jesus Wine Tasting Menu. Each month, starting in February, a select group of wine tasting enthusiasts is allowed to sample several different types of wines. The following two months, no fewer than four additional guests can attend the wine tasting session. This gives every attendee the opportunity to taste many different types of wines and discuss their experiences with fellow wine lovers. In addition to the featured wines, the Wine vault also offers a wide selection of imported wines from around the world as well as specialty wines that have been produced only in South Africa. Not only does the wine tasting sessions offer guests the opportunity to taste various wines, they also allow guests the unique chance to try the specialty foods that are prepared by the chefs at the Wine vault. Each month a different culinary team from around the world will be assigned to create a unique menu. This exciting experience allows guests to see first hand the true beauty of South African cuisine. Guests are also encouraged to try the South African chefs themselves. Each chef will prepare a three course meal that will include dishes from both the United States and South Africa. To be sure that the wines are truly from the local area, the bottles are carefully certified by the local government. This certification ensures that the authentic products sold at WineVault are real and authentic South African wines. Another way WineVault helps to promote the wine drinking culture of others is by offering a free tasting tour of the tasting rooms, which are located across the country. For people who may not be able to attend a regular wine tasting event, WineVault has arranged for private dinners and private parties in order to accommodate those that may not be able to attend a regular tasting event, while still receiving an authentic bottle of wine to enjoy at home.