Fine Dining Desserts

From the moment one looks into a dessert menu, fine dining immediately comes to mind. Rich chocolate cakes and pies are the first offerings. The next course would be fruit desserts like fresh fruits or even ice cream. But what if you want a treat that is rich in flavor but also doesn't have a rich taste?An excellent choice is a rich chocolate cake that is full of flavor but does not have the heavy taste of chocolate. It also has a texture that is rich and creamy. If you are looking for a cake that is rich but not too decadent then this is it. A chocolate cake is also very simple to prepare and isn't very different from a normal cake in terms of baking. You can have chocolate cake with fruit as the main ingredients or you can also have a chocolate pie. There is absolutely something for everyone. These two fine dining dessert choices are also very popular. Both can have a variety of flavors, decorations and fillings. There is a chocolate pie filling that goes great with any type of fish, meat or poultry. Also a nice option is a chocolate brownie pie. This dessert is also very simple to make although the taste will be rich and chocolate. A brownie pie can have chocolate baked on the top or it can also be filled with the delicious Syrup Chocolate sauce which is made from cream, butter and chocolate. You can have fruit toppings on your pie as well. One popular choice is chocolate Graham cracker crust. It is very easy to make and provides a wonderful sweet aroma. It can also come with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Another choice is an apple pie. This can have apple sauce or cream cheese filling and will be topped with fresh fruit. The traditional choice is always pudding. You can have a chocolate pudding pie that has a rich and deep flavor. Pudding can also come with a variety of fruits such as banana, cherries, orange and even nuts. You can also add rich cream cheese and nuts to the pudding to give it a richer flavor and even more nutrients. If you are having trouble choosing between rich flavors then you might want to try chocolate peanut butter. It has a rich nutty flavor and is topped with toasted chocolate. Another dessert selection that is very popular is chocolate fudge. It comes in a variety of flavors including chocolate caramel, dark chocolate and white chocolate and offers a rich and thick pudding that is very rich and creamy. You can also choose from a variety of chocolate fondue recipes. Some of these include chocolate fudge sponge cake, chocolate fudge oatmeal cake, chocolate cake puddings, chocolate ice cream, chocolate fondue gelato, chocolate fudge cookies and chocolate fudge sponge cake. Chocolate can be used in so many different ways that it is very difficult to name them all. You will also find that some people enjoy chocolate so much that they cannot eat anything else for their dessert. A chocolate fudge that is made using triple chocolate chips will take you back to your childhood. This is because of the well thought out combination of chocolate, whipped cream as well as whipped cream. There are many other flavors such as lemon mint, which is extremely common and cinnamon. There is also peppermint which is becoming increasingly common as well. Another chocolate eclair that is quite popular is the chocolate eclair shell. It is made by melting chocolate and pouring it into a decorative shell. You then add almonds and chopped prunes to make a delicious dessert. There are many others as well including the chocolate fudge sponge cake and the chocolate eclair shell. If you want to have chocolate eclairs but do not have time to bake the traditional chocolate eclair then you may want to consider the chocolate fondue shell. You can find chocolate eclairs at most specialty stores as well as some grocery stores. There is a very good chance that you can find chocolate eclairs at your local grocery store as well as at many of your favorite restaurants around town. The nice thing about buying chocolate eclairs in bulk is that you can save money. Many restaurants will sell chocolate eclairs at a discount if you buy them for a large amount of time frame, usually around 3 months' supply. These are just a few of the fine dining desserts that people love. They are not only very tasty but also very affordable. You do not have to break the bank in order to enjoy one of these desserts because there are plenty that you can enjoy and have for a reasonable cost if you buy them in bulk.